Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Respiratory System

The function that the lungs have are that they help the body by giving non oxygenated blood oxygen to get blood all around the body and when it has finish delivering oxygen around the body it comes back to the heart and lungs to get it's oxygen back.  From the lungs to start the cycle again.

The respiratory system helps the body by getting oxygen to all part of the body and to help the body keep moving around like all of us all do on our daily bases. The energy we use come oxygen we get from the plants leaves.

Air travels through the respiratory system by coming from our nose or mouth it goes to the larynx then trachea into the lungs but, in the lungs t has Bronchiole and the Alveoli. On these two are the Capillary net which has blood vessels on it.

Friday, March 14, 2014


Congrats to Christopher Glass for getting an award called Best Man At Getting Viruses. You are receiving this award because you said that If you can get a penny for each time you get a virus does that mean you have got about 72 trillion viruses. Well you've got me there. A saying that Bill gates earns, $114. For a investor that is a poor amount of money a second.

Now Chris you are practically saying that you have more viruses than that. Okay, than you would be able to get another computer if a penny a 1 dollar per second. Chris I think you went a little over board.

Now her is the time mostly Chris has been waiting for. Bum, Bum, Bum, Bum!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

February Writing Prompt

What makes you happiest? Write a paragraph in which you describe something that makes you happy. 

What makes me happiest is to have a modern house and live successful with being a NBA star! That would make me happy because if I wanted to buy some new product I would be able to buy it and pay of bills. That would be my dream to have a great job (NBA) and be able to play with anyone in basketball unless I have to do something important. Like go to a basketball game all the way in Miami and verse the Miami Heat. Having a lot of money doesn't matter all the time money matters if you need to pay off your bills and or if you are poor or broke. People say money can't buy happiness, that is wrong in some situations. Money actually can be able to buy happiness but, not my type of happiness if i laugh it is not always because I'am happy but, because something got on my nerve and tickled me just enough to laugh. Those are some reason I get in trouble in school. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Digestive System

What are important organs in the digestive system and what are their functions?  The important organs in the digestive system are, the esophagus, stomach, small intestine the large intestine and the anus. These organs are important because they help food get through out of the body. But before it enters the digestive system it is chewed in the mouth where saliva breaks down food in the mouth. The tongue is located in the mouth that helps speak and eat.

How does the digestive system help the body? The digestive system (located in the abdomen)helps the body by getting nutrients from food and making energy out of  the nutrients. Energy helps everybody in our daily lives by helping us move to get, anywhere. It surprise me when I found out that an average human eat about half a ton of food and that is 1,000 pounds.

How does food travel through the digestive system. Food first, is i your mouth that get separated by  your teeth and saliva. Than, it travels down the esophagus which leads to the stomach the food than sits there until it is a liquidity fluid. Which leads to the small intestine that mushes up the food that travels to the large intestine that wraps around the small intestine. The food than travels to the anus where it now comes out of the whole system.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Weather Data

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The four common tools to measure weather conditions are, a hygrometer, which is used for what is in the air like moisture that. A Thermometer helps us see what temperatures it is outside and also helps to now when below freezing or warm enough to wear a sweat-shirt. A Barometer is a tool used to measure air pressure and it is a really useful tool for lots of things. An anemometer is a tool used to measure wind speeds and it can be useful for if it is a windy day and you are wondering,"How fast is the wind going today," you can just look at the anemometer and it will tell you the wind speed outside or anywhere.
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The four common tools, measure certain things. A hygrometer measures air and stuff in the air like moisture which is helpful for certain things of course. A Thermometer of course you probably heard of it and it measures temperature to see how cold or hot it is outside for a lot of useful things. Also an Barometer is used for air pressure it is useful if you are moving and you don't want you nose to bleed. Finally, the anemometer measures wind speeds and that can be placed on a barn or on top of your house.

Meteorologist use three tools to measure weather patterns and forecast weather, to predict what is going to happen in the future. They are anemometer which actually I already told you that it measures wind speed. Then, it is the thermometer everybody that is looking at this post knows about and it measures temperature. Lastly, the hygrometer which is for stuff in the air.